Sunday, July 27, 2008

First They Needed a Cow; Now They Want A Child Sacrifice

For quite a few years the Christians have had high expectations to see the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. According to the rumors, this would have to be accomplished before “the end” could come.

Many hold the belief that the “abomination of desolation” would be the act of an animal sacrifice on the altar of this rebuilt temple.The “abomination” would be, by this action, the denial that Jesus had already given the ultimate sacrifice.

In considering this animal sacrifice as the premise of abomination, there is absolutely no scriptural validity to uphold such a scenario as a future event. The fact is, without discernment of the Holy Spirit, these people have no idea what the phrase “abomination of desolation” truly encompasses. The people propagating these lies have no clue what that phrase really means. They are making up stories to "tickle your ears".

Because the rumor originators are descendants of Ephraim, this scripture gives a fairly accurate portrayal even today:
Hosea 7:8
"The people of Ephraim mix with the nations. They are like a flat cake that is baked on only one side."

In order to bring this, another half-baked idea, to fruition, a rare bovine known as the red heifer, would have to be found. And it would have to be a perfect specimen.

Several years ago I caught wind of the news that a red heifer had been successfully bred. Unfortunately, microscopic examination revealed two white hairs, rendering this cow “imperfect”. Well, of course, the project overseers had to come up with some excuse to stall things because there is still a Moslem Dome in place on the temple mount! Not only that, but deceit and trickery has been the stock in trade of these clumsy wanna-be wizards since the time of their ringleaders Abraham and Moses.

The organization responsible for overseeing these preparations has now decided that cloning a red heifer is an option. They have probably paid themselves handsomely (from your donations, of course) to sit around the table and discuss the possibilities of importing frozen fetuses.

Alas, someone has decided to create another problem. There are no ashes to be found of the last red heifer sacrifice. This is important to the ritual of purifying the priest. So what’s the solution? The Jewish organizers are calling for child sacrifices. It seems to me, that somebody is orchestrating these problems and solutions, just making them up as they go along. I could paraphrase this, but I want you to read it verbatim from the horses mouth.

Because there are no ashes of a red heifer with which to purify priests, the only solution would be to find priestly families who are willing to give up their children immediately after their birth for a special mission: to have them raised and prepared in conditions of isolation and purity for at least 13 years, so that they can handle the next red heifer, if and when it returns.

The community of Mitzpeh Yeriho has expressed a willingness to allocate land for a compound for this purpose, but it should come as no surprise that few families have volunteered to hand over their children and have them raised in relative isolation for such a long time.

It seems that these overseers have spent a lot of money in lavish travels in search of some elusive snail that yields just the right shade of maroon to dye the fabrics of the priestly garbs. The garments are now completed. Hopefully the imprisoned child-priest-candidate won’t be too fat to fit in them. The temple priest also must hold to a standard of physical defects would be acceptable, not even a scar. (Leviticus 21:16-21)

One piece of the priestly garments is called an ephod. This is an artifact of divination. It is based on superstition and the whim of the rabbinical priest. When presented with a question or making a decision or judgment, the ephod is used in similar manner to an 8 ball. As one of the 12 stones catches a ray of light, an answer will be forthcoming. Each stone has a set meaning: “yes” “no” “ask again tomorrow”.

The Temple of Solomon has already been rebuilt.

It has not been announced in Christendom as of yet.

It is not in Jerusalem.

It has been built with anticipation of being utilized for the coming one world religion.

A red heifer will never be sacrificed and has never been intended; it has all been a rouse.

This has been nothing more than a sleight of hand to keep you distracted from the truth.

THE Great Deception is already underway.

The whole story...soon to follow.