Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Green Man

The Green Man seems to be a connecting factor between ancient Egypt, Al Kadir, paganism, various eastern religious temples, Catholicism, and Freemasonry.

Osiris is one of the oldest gods for whom records have been found. His name is mentioned on the Palmero Stone (around 2500 B.C.)

Osiris was usually depicted as having green skin.

He is both brother and husband of Isis, and father of posthumous son, Horus.

His name means "Throne of the Eye".

He holds a shepherd's crook to symbolize his authority over the people (sheeple). The flail is considered a symbol of power; it is used both for agricultural purposes as well as a weapon.

Al-Khidr is also known as "the Green One". He is thought to be a mythic hero and spokeman for the Divine One. He was the "deputy of God" and his representative on earth. Al-Khidr became immortal when he drank from the well of life. He revealed esoteric doctrines to men of exceptional sanctity.

Al-Khidr is mentioned in the Quran as being the Divine Guide of Moses, accompanying him for a time. In Islamic writings he is often mentioned as the "Green Angel Guide".

Al-Khidr was the head of the ancient school of the Prophets, el-Khadoras, on Mt. Carmel.

"The Greeks call al-Khadir, Hormux (Hermes) the adept and Initiator into the Temple Mysteries of the Great Pyramid.

It is from Isaiah 19:19 that this Temple Pyramid is referred to as the "altar of the Lord".

"19:In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the LORD at its border. 20:It will be a sign and witness to the LORD Almighty in the land of Egypt."

In ancient literature, I have found various spellings for this name to include al-Khidor and al-Khador.

Al-Kdhir is also known as Melchizedek. It is said that Melchizedek gave to Moses the instructions for building arc of the covenant. According to information on ancient technologies which have long been withheld from the public, the cherubim figures on the arc of the covenant were shaped from lumps of carbon, then goldplated to hold an electrical charge. The "Baghdad batteries" were contained within the chest.

Green man carvings are also found in ancient eastern temples, in the Apo Kayan area of Borneo, the chapels of Dhankar Gompa in the Himalayas, in the temples of Kathmandu, and in the Jain temples of Ranakpur, and in Roman buildings.

So how does Osiris and al-Kdhir end up in figures on many Catholic churches?

This is one of many Green Man images around the chancel arch. Many Green Man images spew foliage from the mouth. This may be symbolic of panthestic speech, where nature is worshipped above humanity. This particular image, as well as emitting foliage from his mouth, also has a serpent/dragon (symbol of eternity) which encircles his head.

Art historians have noted that Rosslyn Chapel has the greatest number of Green Man images of any medieval chapel in Europe. "The profusion of carved symbolism is extraordinary throughout the chapel, ranging from biblical allegory to pagan symbolism. One of the best known images is of the Green Man, of which there are at least 103 representations inside the chapel alone, with an additional number on the exterior and roof as well."

The Rosslyn Chapel was built by the St. Clair family specifically as a Christian edifice. By 1446, the green men within the chapel were no longer considered pagan, but had been adopted as a Christian symbol. For more info on the Rosslyn Chapel see:

It is my opinion that for these stories to survive as a warning into our age, the truth had to be disguised and hidden within symbolism and allegory. The Green Man, or Green Angel Guide, was most likely the leader of the Watcher Angel rebellion. These fallen angels set themselves up to be worshipped as gods. These aliens brought technology to this planet. They taught simple science as tricks of illusion, sorcery, to the prophets. Having been enlightened by these beings of higher intelligence, many of these prophets became wizards through these teachings. They used their knowledge to deceive and control the masses.

We are coming full circle. There is an especially important message in that these gargoyle-like faces have foliage coming out of their mouths. Green speech. We have a lot of this today. Is civilization about to be deceived and tricked again?

Monday, August 4, 2008

There's Something Wrong With God

Who among us has not received a gift and had no use for it? Most of us, at an early age, were taught to be gracious if we received a present that we did not like. As we matured we realized that at least the person made an effort to please, even if it was not to our liking, and we would try to say something nice about the unwanted gift so as not to show disappointment or hurt the givers feelings.

My first realization that something was “wrong” with God was when I read the story of Cain and Abel’s gifts. This god had no civility. This god was raw, crude, ungracious, and down right ill mannered. I could never reconcile his cold rejection and behavior to Cain. As a deity, I expected a higher standard than I even set for myself. This god would have never made it into the inner circles of southern society.

What parent would deliberately set two children against each other by showing such extreme favoritism? If your two children came to you with drawings and you hung one on the refrigerator and threw the other in the garbage, would the rejected child not feel resentment toward the other child? Is this not the beginning of sibling rivalry?

There has been no peace since day one under this “god”. And yet every preacher tries to justify this mean-spirited atrocity toward these two children. “Cain did not give with the right spirit; it was Cain’s heart-condition,” they say. There is nothing to uphold this. We are not given any information nor indication of Cain ever having animosity toward his brother prior to this. “God required a blood sacrifice,” you say? And Cain should have known this? How deeply did it hurt Abel to kill his pet sheep? What kind of god causes such trauma and pain to a child to kill the animal he loves? This is no good god. This god cannot be a representative of our Creators.

Why did god not accept Cain’s gift? The answer can be found in the New English Translation of the Septuagint.

Genesis 4:7
If you offer correctly but do not divide correctly, have you not sinned? Be still; his recourse is to you, and you will rule over him.

Cain offered correctly; he showed respect for his superior. But how did he not divide correctly? He did not divide correctly because he did not realize his heritage. Cain was the son of Satan and this god to whom the first family paid homage was none other than Satan himself. Cain “sinned” by failing to realize that he was not of this earthly class of people and lowered himself by trying to be like them.

“Be still; his recourse is to you, and you will rule over him.”
Cain was instructed to be patient. He was here informed that he would dominate these earthly people and they would be expected to pay homage to him as they had to his father, the god of this world, Satan.

The Septuagint is considered to be more accurate than the Masoretic texts from which most Bibles have been translated today. This link is recommended for additional reading concerning the translations.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mission Statement

The essays in this blog are based on the following premises.

I. God

The God of the Old Testament, referred to as Yahweh or Jehovah by Judeo-Christianity is actually a compilation of various deities. This premise can be supported by documented evidence concerning mistranslations (some deliberate), omissions, and selective content of numerous scrolls. Bible scripture has been tampered and manipulated.

The God of the Bible, Yahweh/Jehovah, worshipped in Judeo-Christianity is not our Creator. The scriptures clearly state that Satan is the God of this world.

II. Satan

Satan was an alien life-form from the planet Rahab. His form was either compatible, or genetically manipulated to be made compatible, for mating with the human life-form. He was the leader of a group of aliens that left Rahab with the intent of dominating the planet Earth. Satan has already been destroyed and reduced to dust; his planet is now an asteroid belt.

III. Garden of Eden

The decisions made by our forbearers in the Garden of Eden were not a “test” put upon them by our Creators. It was simply a set of circumstances.

IV. Progeny of Satan

Religions and governments are the kingdoms of Satan. These institutions are ruled from behind the scenes by Satan’s offspring bloodline. They are known by various euphemisms such as “light bearers” from Gospel Light to Points of Light. They bill themselves as carrying the torch of ancient wisdoms and teachings. They promote themselves as Teachers of the Ancient Mysteries; the Wise Ones (Wize-ards); the Ancient Worthies. They may promise and dangle a carrot, but like the wicked tricks of genies (jinns) they give an evil surprise ending to what one has expected.

V. Kingdoms of Religion

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have common roots which can be traced back to Babylon and its religions based on superstitions and wizardry. All religions are cults. Worship, by definition, is a ritual behavior of ceremony which is indicative of cultic practices. Since earliest times, religions set forth rules, laws, and punishments; governments enforced them. Religion and government have worked hand in hand to control the masses.

VI. The Future of Religion

In order to bring about a one world religion and a "sustainable peace," all world religions will very soon become syncretic. There will be an attempt to focus on the similarities of all religions by recognizing a Supreme Being, and through compromise and re-education all beliefs will blend into a New System.

VII. The Players

The Beast, the False Prophet, and the Anti-Christ are ALL plural entities. There is no way one person could single-handedly rule the world. Christendom has thrown out reputation damaging speculations from the pulpit concerning these players. Some have been so bold as to actually name and imply actual people such as Gorbachov (because he had a “mark on his forehead” {birthmark}) and even now Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are in the running. The preachers promoting this kind of nonsense are disgusting liars. Some have decided that the Beast is the computer; some have said the Beast is the bar code scanners. These people are guessing and making stabs in the dark. These ideas are ludicrous and the “spiritual leaders” telling you this have absolutely no leadership from the Holy Spirit. They are destined for the Abyss.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have preached for many years that the Beast is the United Nations. This is very odd since the Witnesses preach very much the same agenda as the New World Order and Paradise Restored. Their teachings are right in line with many of the concepts put forth by the United Nations. Several years ago the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society entered into contract to support and uphold the United Nations by “sharing the principles of the UN Charter.” They are still keeping their members duped about this association by outright denial and threats of disfellowshipment and shunning should they ask too many questions. This blasphemous religious cult has no idea what truth really is; their doctrines change with the wind.

So who or what is the Beast? The Beast is comprised of layers and layers of puppets and shadows.

Who is the False Prophet? The False Prophets can be likened to goats leading sheep. They will guide the sheep right into the mouth of the lion. The False Prophets will speak from your church pulpits. They will speak from the podiums of social circles and societies everywhere. They have sworn loyalty to the Beast to bring in the New Paradigm.

Who is the anti-christ? These are the sheep who will blindly follow the dictates and traditions of man and who will sell out their “loved ones” for a bowl of porridge. They will blindly obey mans dictates to deny their families and friends who do not ascribe to the beehive mentality of the new teachings. The anti-christ will agree to the new teachings which reduce Jesus to nothing more than another saint or prophet. Later in the game, Jesus will be termed as “an Ascended Master” like many others.

Anti-Christ does not mean anti-religion. There will be a religion. It just does not recognize that Jesus was directly sent by our Creators and that He is the only Divine Representation that we have had on this earth since creation.

VIII. There is No Rapture

The word “rapture” is not even in the Bible scriptures. This is yet another fanciful story made up by Christian religious sects. It is one of the most arrogant blasphemous teachings of the twentieth century. This teaching manipulates people into thinking that they are more special to god than other people; it is all part of the “exclusivity” teachings of Christendom. The idea is that “only people who believe like we do will be spared the hard times of tribulation by being magically rescued and flown out by angels.” People who are not of the cult mentality of these Christian sects will be “left behind to suffer”. Well, folks, there is No Rapture to save your butt from hard times. You are going to suffer and be tested like everyone else on this planet. There will be a Divine Rescue but it occurs on the very Last Day when Jesus returns.

IX. There is No Paradise

The theme of the New Paradigm and the agenda of the collective Beast and False Prophet is that mankind can return the earth to it’s original conditions of paradise. These leaders will claim to be getting their directions directly from Heaven. If you believe this, you will just be trading one lie for another. Not only has this earth surpassed the tipping point, but Jesus spoke of resurrection and new bodies not of flesh and blood. Never did he give any allusion to a polluted earth being restored. As a matter of fact, He said His Kingdom is not of this world.

X. The New Paradigm

The New Paradigm is man-initiated and manipulated. There is an evil agenda behind all of this that will not be seen until much later. The plan is for an elite few to own and rule the world. Others who have necessary talents or muscle for labor will be slaves. It has been published that in order to bring about a “sustainable peace and security” eighty percent of the population must be destroyed. As the Great Tribulation begins, many dissenters will be killed or “disappear” as chaos ensues. When sudden economic and governing failure become reality, horrifying human conditions will erupt. Many people will be destroyed and killed during this time.

Eventually, as things begin to calm down a bit and the New System begins to stabilize the populace with the new teachings, the preceding horrible events will be preached as “the cleansing” and “removal of the wicked” when in fact, it was not. Those who survive this first phase will be looking to their leaders, in both government and churches, to give them direction. They will be ready to listen and submit to their "authorities". This problem-solution has all been orchestrated. The masses, who are used to checking their brains at the door and depending on others to guide their lives because they cannot think for themselves, will be ripe to hear the words and teachings of the New Paradigm now.

Later, as the teachings of the New Paradigm become more wide-spread, those who do not accept the New System and bear the mark of identity will be denied their means of survival. It will be a peaceful annihilation. This is phase two.

XI. The New Song

To Be Continued…….